iXBRL Tagging Service

Our team provides a low cost, 100% hassle free service across Wales and border regions.

we use special software which means the costs can be kept low

Are you looking for a cost effective service for filing statutory accounts in inline iXBRL?  Our tagging service uses software to match items in the financial statements to a list of iXBRL tags which means we can offer a very competitive fee.  KTS Owens Thomas converts financial statements for clients, for a low fee and it’s a 100% hassle free service.  Filing your financial statements in iXBRL with minimal disruption is the goal for many companies.

The KTS Owens Thomas iXBRL services solution takes a set of completed financial statements and produces them in iXBRL format suitable for submission to HMRC and gives them back to you for your review, allowing you to concentrate on your day job. The process is set out below:

  1. Preparation: our specialist accounts team arrange a mutually convenient time to provide final statements. We identify and apply iXBRL tags using specialist software to match items in your statement and review and test on the HMRC Gateway
  2. Production: we work with your advisers with no disruption to your business
  3. Reviews: we carry out automated post-tagging reviews to confirm consistency against relevant taxonomies and current guidelines.  Benchmark checks of tagging treatments against wider population of accounts are carried out where appropriate
  4. Delivery: after preparing and reviewing your iXBRL tagged document it will be ready for submission – we provide reports highlighting tagging decisions that have been made plus results of our review procedures for your peace of mind

What is iXBRL?

iXBRL is a business reporting language which allows the presentation of financial information in a computer readable format.  This is achieved by embedding electronic tags based on set library or taxonomy of tags within financial statements produced in typed data. Why are iXBRL accounts required?  HMRC have mandated that corporate tax payers file their return in iXBRL format, which is now audited.

Why use us?

Our iXBRL tagging services are compliance with all existing International Accountancy Reporting Standards including UKGaap, FRSSE, FRS 101 and ERS 102.

Our accounts team at KTS Owens Thomas can provide:

  • a ‘direct liaise service’ – working with the Group’s corporate tax advisers on their behalf
  • a cost effective, seamless service
  • prompt turnaround!

For more information on this service why not get in touch for a no fee no obligation consultation by email or by ringing 029 2082 9000.

What the client said
Shaw Healthcare Group

KTS Owens Thomas provide us with a comprehensive, cost effective and efficient iXBRL tagging service. They liaise with our advisers on our behalf which frees up a lot of our time.

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