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Our clients can benefit from our global DFK membership enabling them to gain professional accounting and tax advice in some 62 countries.

maximising your potential overseas

KTS Owens Thomas is committed to meeting the needs of clients with interests in multiple locations, whether in the UK or overseas as we are members of the DFK International network. We can help you with:

  • consideration of issues associated with international trading
  • business expansion internationally
  • international accounting and tax advice
  • access to global, technical and advisory resources
  • regulatory information and advice for trading in multiple geographic locations
  • funding advice and support and advice on how to attract inward investment
  • introductions to relevant individuals or organisations who can assist you overseas

Our firm is a member of DFK International, a world-leading association of independent accounting firms and business advisors. This gives our clients access to our global group of localised specialists advising on international accounting, business and tax.

Operating in some 62 countries the network:

  • unites national firms of public accountants to give you the best standards
  • selects member firms for quality of service and technical competence
  • uses locally-owned, operated and managed firms responsible for their own liabilities
  • operates in compliance with EU and IFAC requirements

Please do not hesitate to call us today on 029 2082 9000 to discuss requirements or you can email us to arrange a no fee, no obligation consultation.

Hospital Innovations
Managing Director Phil Davies

KTS Owens Thomas enabled us to realise our ambitions in creating a global business on solid business platforms and in a highly efficient way.

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