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A wealth of internal audit experience with qualified chartered internal audit lead provision of services across the private and public sector in Wales.

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A critical element of good corporate governance is ensuring that business procedures and controls are operating effectively in the organisation. Internal audit provides that assurance and works with you to identify and recommend solutions for the business, thus empowering management to enhance and ensure effective and efficient performance.

By working with KTS Owens Thomas, we make sure every hour we spend with you has impact and value, addresses the right risks, unlocks opportunities and seeks to add maximum value to your business. An effective internal audit will work with you to prioritise actively across the processes within a business, including for example finance, HR, IT, sales, purchasing and other operational departments. We can also address areas such as organisational culture, performance, risk management, communicative effectiveness and effectiveness of leadership.

At its basic level, internal audit is able to evaluate compliance against regulatory requirements policies, procedures and controls, to ensure they address:

  • achievement of objectives
  • management of risk
  • effective and efficient use of resources
  • compliance with external laws and regulations
  • safeguarding of assets from fraud, irregularity or corruption
  • integrity and reliability of information

Audit services we provide in this area include:

  • public sector outsourced internal audits
  • private sector outsourced internal audits
  • third sector outsourced internal audits
  • one-off consultancy projects
  • individual consultancy assignments
  • provision of additional resources to existing outsourced internal audits
  • specific projects on system security and business continuity
  • consultancy, review and project based advisory services

Please do not hesitate to call us today on 029 2082 9000 to discuss requirements or you can email us to arrange a no fee, no obligation consultation.

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KTS Owens Thomas were appointed as our internal auditors in 2007 and have ever since provided a reliable, valuable and cost effective service.

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