Fee Protection

Use our fee protection service to protect you against the costs of dealing with potential HMRC investigations.

Protection against costs of a tax investigation

The most vigilant accounting and tax advice cannot ensure HMRC won’t choose you for investigation. Costs of investigations can be high with likely charges attached – even if the conclusion is ‘no tax is due’. HMRC can make unannounced inspections by law asking to:

  • check business records before a tax return is filed
  • view records without issuing a formal notice
  • ask third parties to check accuracy of information
  • investigate direct taxes, VAT and employer compliance

Our fee protection service was set up to protect you against the costs of dealing with HMRC investigations. Involving KTS Owens Thomas from the outset of any investigation will ensure you are appropriately supported to fight your corner. Whilst we reduce your exposure to paying extra tax or penalties, your peace of mind in knowing fee protection will cover the expense, frees up your worries.

Our fee protection service protects you with a maximum fee level of £100,000; up to that level you would have no fee exposure and covers all costs in the event of:

  • HMRC full and aspect enquiries
  • HMRC VAT reviews and inspections
  • HMRC employer compliance reviews
  • cross tax enquiries
  • IR35 reviews
  • HMRC intervention relating to self-assessment, employer compliance and VAT
  • VAT & employer compliance disputes
  • construction industry scheme reviews
  • record reviews
  • light touch interventions
  • HMRC non written approaches
  • personal returns of directors and partners of a business
  • reasonable costs for us to review potential risks identified by HMRC

Regarding no ‘reasonable care’ clauses – please ask to see a copy of the fee protection agreement setting out full details of all terms, conditions and limitations.

An added benefit of our fee protection service is free access to the Taxwise Rewards advice line services.

Employment and Health and Safety Support Service

With this protection, all our clients get telephone access to specialist consultants who are available to assist you with practical advice on any employment and health and safety issues your business may encounter. The service is available weekdays between 9am and 5.30pm.

Business Legal Support

You will have telephone access to specialist legal advisors in all areas of law. The service is available weekdays 9 till 5.30pm. In order to refer your query to the relevant area of the law this is a ‘ring back service’. Please note that the legal advice is not indemnified. Areas of advice include:

Employment and personnel:

  • disciplining an employee
  • dismissal
  • gross misconduct
  • redundancy

Health & Safety:

  • hazardous substances
  • reporting an accident
  • commercial legal issues, such as landlord and tenancy, company law and copyright and patent

Please do not hesitate to call us today on 029 2082 9000 to discuss requirements or you can email us to arrange a no fee, no obligation consultation.

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